Answering the 10 Tough Questions


Join us every Sunday morning at 11:15 am in the Multi-Purpose Room as we answer some of the toughest questions that Christians often get asked.

This series is based on the best-selling book: THE QUESTIONS CHRISTIANS HOPE NO ONE WILL ASK by Mark Mittleberg.  Copies of the book will be available for personal study.

September 8 Chapter 1 What makes you so sure God even exists? 

September 15 Chapter 2 Doesn’t evolution and science disprove God and the Bible?

September 22 Chapter 3  Doesn’t your Bible have contradictions, myths and mistakes?

September 29 Chapter 4  Jesus was a good man and wise teacher, but why do you believe he was God?

October 6 Chapter 5 Guest Speaker: Pastor Steve Bunyard Why does God allow so much evil, pain and suffering?

October 13 Chapter 6  Guest Speaker: Obria Pregnancy Center  Why do you Christians want to take away my choice to an abortion?

October 20 Chapter 7  Why do you condemn homosexuality?  Didn’t God make us Gay and He loves us just the way we are?

October 27 Youth and Adults Praying Together

November 3  Chapter 8 Why are so many of you Christians hypocrites?

November 10 Chapter 9 Why should I believe that a loving God would ever send someone to hell?

November 17 Chapter 10 The questions our friends need us to ask them

November 24 Thanksgiving Share and Prayer

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Location 11000 First Avenue, Whittier, CA 90603 Phone 562-943-4616 E-mail Hours Service 9:30am | Sunday School 11:15am | Lunch provided afterward!
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